1Q. Can we buy in advance or reserve any item before the sale date?
A. NO all items must sell on the schedule date.

2Q. What is the procedure for pick up?
A. All pick up is schedule on the webpage and you must pick up on the schedule time otherwise we are not responsible for any item.

3Q. What is the method of payment?
A. Cash only.

4Q. Any warranty or refund policy?
A. All sale are final as is where is, no refunds and no warranty.

5Q. Will sale be postponed or cancelled from the schedule date?
A. Yes, may happen in emergency circumstances.

6Q. Do we offer any disassembling, packing or moving services?
A. NO we don't offer any above services we always mentioned on our ads please bring all necessary tools to help yourself.

7Q. After purchasing any item can we cancel or exchange?
A. No once again all our sales are final and as is where is.

8Q. Can you cancel my sale?
A. Yes we have right to cancel your sale for any circumstances